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The Chappaquiddick Community Center, est 1988

Our Mission

“The Chappaquiddick Community Center (CCC) is a gathering place for year-round and seasonal residents as well as all visitors. The center creates and maintains social, recreational and educational programs for adults and children. Through its facilities and activities, the CCC cultivates a greater appreciation of Chappaquiddick, its people, and its environment.”

We have something for everyone…

The CCC organizes many events, activities, and classes throughout the year.  We encourage any landowner or Chappy visitor to be a Contributing Member.  The yearly subscription fee ($125) supports the activities of the CCC and enables you to engage in all activities, as well as venue rental for private events. Visit our online community calendar to learn more.

Visitors Welcome
As a 501c3 and a welcoming community, we open our arms for all to come and enjoy the community center. We are passionate about the well-being of our residents and visitors. We invite all to join us by engaging in our numerous activities or just stop in for a visit and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of our facility and grounds.

USPS comes to PO Box 2966, Edgartown, MA  02539.  FedEx and UPS deliver to 180 Chappaquiddick Road, Edgartown, MA   02539.

Free WIFI is available at the Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Donations are welcome to help us continue to provide this excellent service.

Our Beautiful Building & Grounds
Please help us maintain our building by using our facility respectfully by supervising children and keeping pets off the porch and out of the building.  Lastly, a  “carry in-carry out” policy for trash helps us to maintain our building and trash removal budget.

Thank you and enjoy!