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The Chappaquiddick Community Center

The Chappaquiddick Community Center was born as a dream on Sept. 4, 1987. The first group saw the purpose of the center as encouraging friendship and closeness among the growing participants in our island life while at the same time creating a greater appreciation and awareness of the unique charm and beauty of Chappaquiddick with the hope that awareness would encourage the preservation. This dream became a reality thanks to the generous donation of the 3 acres from the Brine family, and this dream became a reality.

Thanks to the community’s generosity, the building was completed in 1995. The center is a community and family-centered place for recreation, education, and social events. We have a beautiful library filled with Chappy historical displays and books written by Chappy authors, and our volumes include natural history, references, and children’s books. 

We provide many activities such as sailing, tennis, yoga, table tennis, ongoing book sales, lobster rolls, and ice cream socials during June, July, and August. Our fantastic classical music series, and don’t forget the annual calendar contest! 

We host holiday teas, the ferry captain’s appreciation dinner, monthly potluck dinners, and other group activities that change year-to-year during the off-season. 

Contributing Membership

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What does being a contributing member of the Chappaquiddick Community Center (CCC) mean? We welcome everyone to enjoy the beautiful facilities at CCC. However, we encourage everyone to become a contributing member as this helps us to maintain and operate CCC effectively. Additionally, a contributing membership is mandatory to participate in programs such as tennis, sailing, and venue rental. Nevertheless, you can still come and use the playground or basketball court, enjoy the ice cream window, concerts, talks, yoga, or just come and relax at the CCC without being a contributing member. We also offer free WIFI 24 hours a day in the building or on the porch. 

There are two types of contributing memberships available: an annual fee of $125 for a complete year or a short-term membership of $75 for two weeks. We encourage every resident, guest, visitor, and friend of Chappaquiddick to support the sustainability of CCC by becoming a contributing member. We are a 501 (c) (3) organization running solely on the support of our members.