Our Mission

“The Chappaquiddick Community Center (CCC) is a gathering place for year-round and seasonal residents as well as all visitors. The center creates and maintains social, recreational, and educational programs for adults and children. The CCC, through its facilities and activities, cultivates a greater appreciation of Chappaquiddick, its people, and its environment.”

Photo by Lily K. Morris

Your Annual Membership

As a 501(c)(3) we welcome everyone and hope you will come enjoy the beautiful Chappaquiddick Community Center. In support of our community the annual membership fee is the primary source of funding for our operating budget. A membership is required to participate in programs such as tennis, sailing and venue rental.

Your annual membership fee is $125. We encourage every Chappy resident, guest, visitor and friend to help support the sustainability of the CCC. (Short term memberships are available for two weeks click below to review.)

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