Christmas Eve Dinner

ccc building:snow

Christmas Eve at the CCC is a festive evening for everyone on Chappy.  Every Christmas Eve; year round residents, seasonal folks and house guests are invited to the CCC to share with their community a potluck dinner featuring delicious food, egg nog, yummy desserts, festive music, beautiful decorations and a roaring fire.

The origins of this dinner date back to the days before the CCC building was completed and there were fewer year round residents on Chappaquiddick.  Wanting to make sure no one was alone for the holiday, Joe and Mary Cressy graciously opened their home to everyone who was on Chappy to share in a traditional Christmas Eve meal.  The dinner began as a small gathering, but after a number of years, it had become such an event with so many people attending, it became impossible to house everyone in the Cressy home.  As one long time resident remarked, “We were packed in like sardines.  If you didn’t fill your plate the first time round, it was all over – you couldn’t get through the people to get seconds!  Not to mention trying to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  The house was that crowded.”  Soon the event was relocated to the CCC where it continues today.

The festive community spirit atmosphere remains, but thankfully in the beautiful CCC great room there is plenty of space to mingle, catch up with friends and share some Christmas cheer!